Holistic medicine at STAT Medical means we focus on you

holistic health“Holistic” is a common word in medicine these days. But it isn’t always a common reality.

For one thing, many people misunderstand what the word “holistic” means. It is frequently confused with “homeopathy,” a system of medicine based on the notion that “like cures like.” (Example: tiny doses of a substance can cure the symptoms that larger doses would cause.) For many people, “holistic medicine” seems to mean “not mainstream medicine” or “alternative.”

Instead, “holistic” describes the comprehension of something as being interconnected to the other parts of the whole and only understandable or explainable by reference to the whole. So, holistic medicine is simply whole-person care, and it’s the basis for how STAT Medical’s Fort Lauderdale providers approach your illness, injury, health and well-being.

You are the center of your health…and our care.

While it may seem obvious, providing whole-person care simply isn’t as common as… well, it’s not as common as it should be. At STAT Medical, it’s the centerpiece of everything we do. Or, to put it another way, you are the centerpiece of the care we provide, which is as it should be.

Basically, we take into account not just your problem or symptoms but also the mental, emotional and social factors that play a role in your life and health. In other words, your mind, body and spirit are all involved in your health. So our providers don’t merely look at treating your symptoms; we also look for and address their cause. For example, while it might be easy to relieve digestive distress with a treatment for its symptoms, not addressing its cause (stress, poor diet, etc.) will leave you with your problem…and perhaps a more serious one down the line.

We look at the alternatives.

STAT Medical is a provider of high-quality, experienced mainstream medical care. Yet, as a doctor of osteopathy, our physician is trained in holistic methods, which include considering the alternatives that may be involved in your health concern. This also includes considering alternative methods of treatment beyond just focusing on the problem itself and addressing the underlying issues. In many cases, information and education are essential elements of a good treatment plan, because they empower you to focus on your entire health even after you’ve left our offices.

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